Thursday, June 23, 2011

A work in progress

I have always been a horse lover.  It started early at about 4 or 5.  I had lots of my little ponies and then started collecting Breyers.  I have ridden all my life and now with kids don't really have the time.  I hope someday to go back and I'm sure I will.  There is just something so magical about a horse.  The journey I have begun with Jellybean Ponies is a creative outlet for me but also fulfills my need to have horses around.  This idea started with my obsession with Bamboletta a waldorf doll maker in Canada.  I love her dolls and was finally lucky enough to get one in a upload.  As soon as Mia arrived at our house my first thought was she needs a horse, unicorn or a pegasus.  For some reason little girls, dolls and horses go hand in hand for me.  I googled waldorf horse since I prefer the natural materials used and the attention to detail that the dolls are made.  Nothing!  All I could find was some felt stitched horses that were too small to really play with the dolls.  I am a crafty person and love to sew so I decided I would make a horse for Mia.  I made a pattern and have been playing around with it until I am happy.  I shopped etsy for hand spun and hand dyed yarn.  It is more expensive but if this is going to be the creative outlet and the high quality I want, then I am sparing no expense.  I also decide I wanted this horse to have the same sturdyness that the stuffed waldorf dolls have so I learned how to make the heads of the waldorf dolls and then adjusted it to make the horses head.  The body is stuffed with clean and carded wool and I chose to do the skin in cotton interlock, the same material the doll malkers use.  The eyes are hand stitiched and the hooves are done in black wool felt.  I am very happy with the way the horse is turning out and have decided to make more and add unicorns and pegasus to the herd.  I am thoroughly enjoying this process and have so many great ideas for new ponies I can present each week.  The plan is to do a theme each week and also offer a few custom spots. Just letting the creative juices flow :)

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