Sunday, August 28, 2011

WOW! this summer has flown by!

I have been so busy with the pony making buisness i have no idea where summer went. I can't believe it is almost September already!  I homeschool my oldest son and I am trying to squish in time to plan the first semester.  He is only in 1st so it isn't too overwhelming but it needs to get done.  I have really enjoyed this wild ride the pony buisness has taken me on.  I love making them and seeing them come to life.  Each one is so diffrent and has character.  I also love the interaction with all the great customers :)  September is right around the corner so I plan on contacting all my September customs by sending out emails today to get their plan for a dream pony.  My customs are full for Sept and I have been very careful not to take on too much.  I will be working on customs and still be able to have a few ponies for sale each week.  I will have a few more spots to offer for October and November and will probably also take a few for the beginning of December so they will be ready for Christmas. These custom slots will be offered on my etsy site and will most likely be a surprise since that is so much fun :) I am so greatful for all the support and encouragement I have gotten from all the pony fans and I hope to continue making these magical ponies for all the pony crazy girls out there :)

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